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Solar collector system kits are beneficial for installations where warm water is consumed regularly throughout the year. It is even more advantageous if warm water consumption is seasonal in summer.
Solar plant in Latvia is productive for 6-7 months, from April to October. From November to February, when solar thermal energy is not enough, it should be taken from the existing heat supply system. Professionally designed solar collector systems switch to another power source automatically.
Sauleskolektors.lv suggestions for selecting solar collectors and their systems

 – Choose high quality solar collectors from a reputable manufacturer that provides at least 12 years of warranty to its collectors;
– High quality solar collectors must comply with European standards EN12975-1-2. A trusted manufacturer must be able to produce internationally recognized SolarKeymark and independent laboratory capacity measurements;
 – There is no economic basis for Latvia to seek more than 70% solar energy in the hot water supply and 30% in the combined hot water and heating support system;
 – Solar systems for heating support do not pay to install if the heating system’s supply temperature exceeds 50 ° C, as well as if the building has insufficient thermal insulation;
 – In order to provide heating support in Latvia, not less than 10 m2 solar collector is required;
 – When comparing the dimensions of solar collectors, the areas of the absorbent surface should be evaluated rather than the physical dimensions;
 – also pay attention to the thickness of the thermal insulation layer of the manifolds. In Latvia it should be at least 50mm;
 – When installing a set of solar collector systems, no automatic air vent and other parts containing plastic should be used. May be mounted using only metal pipes;
 – if the boiler volume exceeds 400L, the solar collector system must be able to provide regular thermal disinfection automatically;
 – The claims that the optimum efficiency of solar collectors exceeds 85% are false advertising;
 – In Latvia, it is not expedient to invest money in solar collectors that absorb the absorbing surface with absorbent paint, selective lacquer or the like. Only selective defective surfaces are effective in Latvia, for example. Alox, Mirotherm;
 – Be very careful when offering cheap sets of solar collectors, which may not contain several important nodes, such as a thermal insulation tube, boiler, control unit or load bearing structures;
 – “Solar heat pump system” is a very important component of Sauleskolektors.lv flat vacuum solar collectors that are produced and installed patented technology and is particularly effective. Other collectors with a heat pump can only be used for water heating, not for heating, because only the Sauleskolektors.lv flat vacuum solar collectors is safe against condensation.

Sauleskolektors.lv offers solar panels and systems for all of these points.